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Operation eight years, found that not good at turnover, 270 billion Hongling venture to liquidation net loan business

The Internet financial industry turnover front, and to mark mark model known Hongling venture suddenly announced that it will clean up the net loan business.
On July 27th, chairman Zhou Shiping Hongling venture in the company’s official website community posting said, Hongling venture will be in December 31, 2020 before the liquidation of existing products, no longer do net loan business, the transition period is about 3 years. “Normally deal with expired products on existing websites so investors can land safely.””.
“Net loan is not what we are good at, nor is we optimistic about, and this business will eventually be cleaned out of the old week, just time.”.” Zhou Shiping said.
For the reasons for the liquidation, Zhou Shiping explained in the post, “net loan size, non-performing assets, no profits, a lot of people worry about the old week, what time on foot, do not want them too tired.”!”
As for why no choice in the immediate winding up, Zhou Shiping said, first, because there are still accumulated in the past few years to deal with bad assets, and two is the new transition is still in transition.

P2P net loan industry history cumulative turnover exceeded 5 trillion mark

According to net loan home statistics, in July 2017, P2P net loan industry turnover was 253 billion 676 million yuan, July turnover increased by 3.33% qoq. At the end of July 2017, P2P net loan industry history of the total trading volume reached 5 trillion and 78 billion 199 million yuan, exceeded 5 trillion mark, the same period last year history of the total turnover of 2 trillion and 390 billion 479 million yuan, increased by 112.43%.

Zhou Shiping’s one-man show Hongling venture intends to digest 800 million bad debt after the transition gold control

Announced Hongling venture and net loan business that “break up” after fourth days, the old Zhou took out a transformation program.
July 27th, Hongling venture chairman Zhou Shiping in Hongling venture community Post said: “the company will be in December 31, 2020 before winding up net loan business.”. The same day, the sudden news of the whole Internet financial circle shuabing. 31, Hongling venture in Shenzhen held a strategic transformation conference, proposed to become integrated financial services to provide “Hongling Holdings”, focusing on services listed companies mergers and acquisitions of innovative investment banking business.
The two hour conference was Zhou Shiping’s one-man show”. He stood all the way down the stage, answering questions with investors. While the other five executives played mobile phones on the platform, only in the space of his drinking water, Hongling venture President Xiang Xucai caught the opportunity to answer a question of investors.
“In 2015, Hongling venture began planning transformation. Three years of transformation and upgrading, is to help the red ridge investors safely ashore when the risk of the platform controllable.” Zhou Shiping said Hongling venture capital in the short term will be issued in compliance deadline for small scale within three years, net mark will be in accordance with the regulatory requirements to reduce leverage, to joint development of new products, large scale has been stopped.
Zhou Shiping said, wait until Hongling venture after the liquidation of the original business, Hongling venture through the acquisition of shares acquired by the red ridge holdings, the future is Hongling holding a brand external.
For the “red ridge Holdings” planning, Zhou Shiping said, in strategy, will be included in industry, finance, innovation, investment banking, asset management, wealth management four business segments of the integrated financial services provider. The new assets will come from listed companies with mergers and acquisitions, while the funds tend to be institutional funds.
According to Zhou Shiping introduction, at present, Hongling Holdings has less than 100 people in the independent team in operation, the future will also recruit new investment banking team.
In the management of investors, to “rigid payment” has become an important part of the transition. Zhou Shiping stressed that the “qualified investors” investors must be able to bear the risk, no rigid payment and reveal all the details of investment, and investors must sign the agreement clearly at your own risk.
Zhou Shiping discloses, at present, Hongling venture capital of about 800 million yuan of bad debts.

P2P regulators tend to “landing tight hard” a number of regulatory documents in P2P

By the CBRC and other ministries jointly issued the “network lending information intermediary business activities Interim Measures for management” (hereinafter referred to as the “Provisional Measures”) is now just 1st anniversary. A year, 882 net loan platform exit, as of now, the cumulative history of the problem platform has 3841, and now operating platform number of about 2000, accounting for more than 60% of the problem platform.
This year, it can be said that the net loan industry “regulatory year”, according to statistics, a year of regulatory authorities at all levels issued a total of more than 50 rules on the supervision of P2P. “Economic Reference News” reporter learned from the China Banking Regulatory Commission, the year will be the landing of a number of regulatory documents containing indexes, including “network credit information intermediary information disclosure guidelines” (hereinafter referred to as the “letter Phi guidelines”), “microfinance network management guidance”, the “letter Phi guidelines” the fastest will be issued this month.
Deep shuffle 882 net loan platform exit
In August 24, 2016, China Banking Regulatory Commission and other ministries jointly issued the “Interim Measures”, out of the “Thirteen line” for the net loan platform, including the prohibition of self financing or disguised self financing, the lender’s funds collection prohibited, prohibited direct or disguised promises guaranteed security interest, the prohibition of the project period split, the prohibition of sale or consignment financial products etc.. At the same time, the “Interim Measures” requirements with risk warning, information disclosure column, for individuals and enterprises respectively set the amount of borrowing limit, and on-line bank depository platform, application system security certification, telecommunications business license. Among them, bank custody most concern.
Since the “Provisional Measures” published so far, net loan platform in accordance with regulatory requirements, to accelerate the reform and compliance of the road, there are many platforms self-knowledge can not meet the latest regulatory requirements, opt out. Net loan home data show that one year, there are 882 platforms from the net loan industry, the problem of malignant exit platform 225, the balance of loans of more than ten million yuan of 47; benign exit closure and transition platform 657.

8, 24, new regulations, 1st anniversary, 450 P2P platform to complete bank custody

In August 29th, according to the net loan home research center to incomplete statistics, as of August 24, 2017, Guangdong Huaxing bank, Jiangxi bank, merchants bank and Zheshang Bank and other 49 banks layout P2P net loan funds platform directly to depository business, a total of 705 normal operating platform announced the signing of a depository agreement directly with the bank (including has been completed the funds depository system docking and on-line platform), the total number of the same period of P2P net loan industry operating platform 33.73%, of which 450 normal operation platform and complete the direct bank depository system docking (including on-line and on-line depository system but not deposit bid platform) the total number of P2P net loan. The normal operation of the 21.53% industry platform.

In addition to the three major compliance policies, landing, P2P industry, there are five changes

Photograph: visual China
In the past August, P2P net loan industry, the emergence of new changes, these changes in joy and sorrow. Policy, the net loan industry through the “1+3” system is perfect; industry data, financing growth is obvious, the number of borrowers for the first time exceeded the number of investors. However, in the “double down” under the wind, 15 turnover decline in Guangdong area.
In August 25th, when the net loan industry opened the prelude to compliance 1st anniversary, the CBRC official website released “network credit information intermediary business activities information disclosure guidelines” (hereinafter referred to as the “letter Phi guidelines”), “the letter approved guidelines” and a year ago issued the “Interim Measures” and “filing guidelines” and “depository guidelines” composed of net loan industry “1+3” (a three guide) system, P2P net loan industry record, bank deposit and information disclosure three major compliance policies are landing.
Net loan industry in the early development, platform letter Phi more keen to highlight the background, scale and income, “fancy letter Phi” and “false letter Phi” also emerge in an endless stream. Some platforms released only to their own information on overdue rates, default rates and other key indicators of each platform and keep from talking about, not a letter Phi data standard. The “letter of approval guidelines” clear the exact content of information disclosure and release time, net loan industry insiders believe that the move is conducive to industry standards.
Tune online that the landing “letter Phi guidelines”, marking a new stage of net loan industry into the orderly development of the industry, the overall level of risk will be through a transparent and complete letter Phi began to decline, the information disclosure will become an important way to protect the investors net loan platform. The norms of information disclosure fundamentally enhance the credibility of the public on the Internet financial industry, and ultimately promote faster and better development of the industry. “It can be said that information disclosure will be the lifeblood of the net lending platform. CO production online has already revealed some of the content required by the package guidelines.”
Pat loan President Hu Honghui believes that strong regulation is not to curb the development of new things, but in the eradication of the industry “cancer” after, to give net loan platform more fair and transparent competitive environment. To promote the healthy and orderly development of the market. From the industry level, the platform in the rectification buffer as soon as possible to complete the regulatory requirements, and enhance the core competitiveness of the platform, in order to net loan industry go farther.
Dean of the Institute of net loan home in byson also believes that the CBRC issued the guidelines for information disclosure is necessary for the platform targeted for information disclosure, but also conducive to the decision-making and supervision of various types of participants, improve industry efficiency.
In addition to the policy of big moves this month, the net loan industry has also undergone several new changes.

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